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Donate $26.20, $52.40, $75, $100, or whatever amount you like online!Donate $26.20, $52.40, $75, $100, or whatever amount you like online!Donate $26.20, $52.40, $75, $100, or whatever amount you like online!

Curing cancer one step at a time through charitable donations...

I hope this introduction finds you well and happy. I've created this site,, to ask for your support in helping me meet an important personal challenge. This year, I turn 50 Judy Miller - Walking for Katie and accepting leukemia donations to help cure cancer.(yes, that's a REALLY BIG number) and wanted to do something memorable to mark the occasion. Some people get tattoos, some get motorcycles, some jump out of airplanes...I decided to do something a little more altruistic by making a commitment to walk a 26.2 mile marathon !

This marathon is just one of more than 35 marathons across the country that sanction organizations to participate. The group I'm training with is the Team in Training, and the organization we support is the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. Team in Training (TNT) is the #1 training program in the country today. The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society has made significant progress in the treatment of leukemia and is committed to finding a cure in our lifetime. The Society has been rated by "Money Magazine" as one of the top ten charities for having the highest percentage of funds raised to directly benefit research and family services. My personal goal is to raise over $15,000 through this marathon.

The people we honor are our patient heroes. One of my personal motivations and inspirations to be involved with the program is Katie, a 3-year-old, who is currently struggling with leukemia. Katie was diagnosed with Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia (ALL) in June of 2001. Currently she is in remission, and if all goes well, she has 1½ years of treatment to go. Sadly, two of my family members (Edith Barnum Kerber and Frederick Robb Barnum) lost their struggle with Leukemia. My hope is to find a cure so others don't have to fight this disease. My other inspiration comes from a dearly departed walking friend, Rose, whose life leadership has set an example for me to follow.

I know there are so many causes that you support. But I promise that your contribution - of any size - will make a difference in finding a cure for leukemia and lymphoma. In addition to treating blood-related cancers, therapies such as bone marrow transplants also hold promise for helping to cure breast cancer, AIDS, and sickle cell anemia. These therapies are developed through research funded by your donations. If you are unable to contribute at this time, expressions of encouragement are always welcome!

When I cross the finish line, I am sure that my thoughts will run (oops-walk) wild. First, that I actually survived the 26.2 miles, but second, that whatever struggle I may have endured will in no way compare to the daily struggle that cancer patients endure. And last but not least, that I wouldn't even be there if it were not for the support - financial and emotional - I received from you.

For your convenience, you may donate online, or print out a form to donate by mail. Those who have fought blood-related cancers have touched many of our own lives. Please let me know if you would like to make a memorial gift to honor one of these special people.

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With gratitude,

Judy Barnum Miller

P.S. If your company would like to be a corporate sponsor - let me know. For as little as $1000.00, the entire team will wear your company name on our singlets!

The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society is a 501c(3) not-for-profit organization and donors qualify for the maximum charitable contribution deduction under U.S. IRS Code - Section 509(a).

"The reality is that most great achievements were not made in a vacuum. The individual who receives the credit usually stands on the shoulders of many who went before."

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In Memory of Rose Soder (1949-2001), Edith Barnum Kerber (1919-2000) and Frederick Robb Barnum (1911-1993).
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The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization.